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Inline Skate Blades

Looking for a stylish and effective way to keep your feet warm while skating? try our inline skate blades! They're adjustable to fit any foot, and can be used with one hand to help guide the wheels as you skate. They come in 7 sizes, 8-10, so you can find the perfect fit for you.

16 Inline Skate Roller Hockey Bearings 8x22x7mm Blades

Inline Skate Blades Amazon

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Inline Skate Blades Walmart

The inline skate blades are 16mm in height and 7mm wide. The bearings are 22mm in circumference and 7mm wide. The blades have black anodized aluminum plates and black flightrated carbon fiber feathers. The skate bearings are designed to operate easily with any left-handed or right-handed hand. this is a great set of inline skate blades for children that are also a great gear set. These blades are adjustable to 4 sizes and are made from durable materials that will last long in the dirt and sand. Plus, the shoes also provide a place to store the blades after each use. The k2 camano w carbon inline skate soft boot roller blades size 10 is perfect for small areas or specific tasks. The blades are made from high-quality steel for a smooth and even grind and are finished with a high-quality black finish. this 4pack aowish skate wheels is perfect for outdoor skating. The wheels are an outdoor blue performance with a 8mm blade and a 85a blade. The wheels are perfect for any type of skateboarder.